We Don't Speak The Same Language




you and your dirty mouth
you'd better go back to where you came from
i was chilling in my couch with my bottle of rum
having a good laugh watching your stupid television
you appeared and ruined my life
and i guess you're satisfied?
you and me, we don't speak the same language
of this world, we don't have the same vision
you and me, we don't see the same images
your reality is just a piece of shit
you're the product of this world, shaped in sin
you're the product of this world raised in the mass mentality
i can feel that you don't know what i mean
you're the product of this world educated not to think
too many words in your mouth to fill the emptiness
too many complaints about a life that doesn't even exist
emptiness you've created, loneliness you're living
keep your problems to yourself
I ain't listening no more
no more, i got mine and you got yours
we live in the same world
but not describing it with the same words
where ignorance is bliss and heads are facing downwards
you believe in everything you are told
your eyes are rotten by the fakes
you like to be treated like a slave
we are not speaking - THE SAME LANGUAGE
we're not sharing the same dreams
age of ignorance that leaves me sick and tired
stop staring at the world and stare at the mirror
drowned in your illusions and living behind your utopia
the reality of this world is killed by the media
divine comedy hell on earth that leads my life
never too much anger, just enough to remain dignified
my initiatory trip through the vestibule of the cowards


from Where It All Began, released December 16, 2015



all rights reserved


SURGE OF FURY Liege, Belgium

est. since 1997 LGHC TOX CITY HARDCORE


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