Where It All Began


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released December 16, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Rising Studio
recorded between march 2014 and april 2015





all rights reserved


SURGE OF FURY Liege, Belgium

est. since 1997 LGHC TOX CITY HARDCORE


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Track Name: Still
still on duty
still looking at the world with no sympathy
still comin' right at you with the same mentality
STILL the same bad habits to spit on society
STILL smashing through with the same sincerity
still don't give a fuck about what people think and say
still not following the trends
still keeping the faith
still pissed off but still sincere
why we are still here
STILL searching for something AND STILL expecting nothing
still dead and empty inside, still steady and proud
still the same rage against the oppressing system
still dedicated to this game, sell outs are still not welcome
hardcore still in our veins
still can't comprehend the world and this sense of optimism
my soul is still on fire, still on fire
forever surge of fury
why we are still here
Track Name: Where It All Began
it all began for me with a feeling of insecurity
and i suddenly understood that it would not be a place for me
back then i was so naive with a life to achieve
and quickly understood that all my dreams would be out of reach
all my nightmares begun with all these unanswered questions
tortured mind with the face of an angel to avoid suspicions
pleasure in pain in this game of life
i'm still wondering how people can be satisfied...with this...world of shit
anger, hate, rage
frustration, deception
i am what you made me
in this world of solitude
i progress in the dark but keep on smiling
when i realized we have all been screwed
from this moment on i changed my point of view
I stopped listening to the lies they spewed
i will never be your dancing puppet
i have never trusted in your prophets
the eye in the pyramid can go fuck itself
my mind will never be enchained
my starting point - to the other world
where i've become - a stronger man
desocialised - my new paradise
against the grain - with fury in my veins
i now roll with man's values
I leave society's behind with my bruises
i don't wanna be part of their stakes
this is where i free my mind and get rid of all the fakes
i feel like an underdog
'coz of the wrong...perception they have of me and throw...back in my face
i refused to be one of their clones
i'd like them to know
that surge of fury is not just a name
but my everyday struggle...in this godamn motherfucking world
this is where it all began
a surge of fury has been raised
i'm the product of your mistakes
i refuse to be part of their stakes
the middle finger of my hand
this is where it all began
Track Name: 'Till Infinity
this is how we grind from now till infinity
music over money we stand firm in our livity
sing about life in these times of depravity
side by side with my brothers raised out of insanity
against the grain, against the system
against the world and against fascism
fuck the world, we won't be the victims
fuck that life, and the vicious compassion
our lives are not fantasies
we keep on writing our own stories
this is how we fight from now till infinity
babylon can't win over my family
seems only our people die continually
so we spit it how we see it for the world to see
as we knew from the start
there's nothing good to take from this society
why we did create an UNDERDOG MENTALITY
to avoid suffocating, we're now living free
bound by the respect that we have for each other
built to last that feeling we share together
won't stop taking care of my brothers and sisters
this is how we live and this will be forever
forever - side by side - like nothing else matters - we live life
this is how we chill from now till infinity
sisters and brothers only surround we
soldiers blessed from LBU to LGHC
badmind envious people can't touch we
can't touch we
we don't give a fuck how the world is looking we
music has brought us together and forever angry
no love for the world as a common state of mind
we're walking together, making sure we don't cross the line
the other side is dodgy, it is better to stay behind
anyway it is better here, sharing all this with the fam
because we refuse the rules of the mediocrity
our therapy to keep our sanity
Track Name: No Doubt
life is nothing but a shifty bitch
dropped alone with my new f*** fears
a sick breeze that i swallow everyday
it's nothing more than this cold harsh reality
because i thought
because i thought i was in control
now i'm staring down at the wall
because it's stuck in my head
and it's ready to explode
i'm losing it
i'm losing my mind
this is death knocking and knocking
you're shit out of luck
you realise you held this number all your life
you lock the door but next step is your body dead on the floor
there's no escape anymore
false hope this the best that life gave me
i can feel the rope that everyday tightens around my neck
i'm not giving in but living this reality check
nightmares and doubts are now my nights and my days
i can only find my peace deep inside of me
don't need your help i must go alone
through a path of sorrow
i walk
no doubt how all this will end
hope death is not digging... my grave
too many things to tell the ones i love
dreaming is not possible anymore
my life, my burden, some more bleeding emotions
and too many questions
i'm soaked in torment
life is pain
LIFE IS NOTHING BUT a shifty bitch
LIFE IS NOTHING BUT a filthy bitch
no...doubt...how...all this...will end
i feel like i'm already dead
Track Name: Deadlock
i know that you know and you know that i know
this world is dead and i still wonder how
how can we end that fucking deadlock
if we talk the talk and don't walk the walk
i'm sick of all those fake stories
deliberate ironies
lies upon lies upon lies, the world loves trilogies
a neverending quest to get an answer
find a better way to deal with our new future
this world, fucked up proper, and has nothing to offer
the horizon is darker and darker
my eyes are bleeding and my brain nearly collapsing
perspectives are nothing but disgusting
too much shit talking for nothing will lead to a deadly ending
too much information kills information
life is a hoax, we are so far from perfection
we do work towards that but should think differently
we do prefer to watch and wait and don't really feel concerned
in this f***ing deadlock
i have lost my child's eyes
now it's shades of grey all around
this world is dead and gone x2
in this f***ing deadlock
we give ourselves good reasons to act like fools
but we do know that behind that, there's not an ounce of truth
not an ounce of truth!!!!!
eat that shit, breathe that shit, fuck that shit, suffer that shit,
ignore that shit, smile about that shit and you'll die for it
we're all gonna die in this f***ing deadlock
Track Name: Piece Of Shit
you're just a useless piece of shit and every step you walk
is one step closer to your ignorance
all i feel for this world is deep sorrow and pain
my misery enchained, in my heart forever engraved
you're a deadweight, dead loss but you always play the boss
you make this world go wrong, your birth was such a loss
profits, cowardice, selfishness and lies
your only concern is how to treat us like dross
you're just a waste, worthless, a useless piece of shit
even your heartbeat sounds wrong, you're such a hypocrite
you only live to feed your oversized ego
but in reality your life is close to zero
Track Name: Never Again
only real players win
you ain't got nothing to build in my world
you can hole up in your burrow and DIE
i'll never forget how all that shit happened
never again the pain
i won't get betrayed
find a solution, i got the conclusion
the verdict is returned,
it's to watch you die...
you chosed to grow up like this
don't try to have an impact on me
you think you're the only one
but you're the ignorant know it all
i have my life
and you judge how i live
the verdict is returned, it's to watch you die
never again
i see you rise
time for us to shine
what you gonna do upon my attack
trust in justice that can only push me back
you ain't ready if you think you can stop me
I'd rather die on my feet
than live on my knees
the tears in my eyes turned into blood
cause of one thing, cause of your good
my love still remains, true to my friends
the right or the wrong sometimes i got to choose the wrong
to preserve myself, preserve my soul
cause of one thing, cause of my love
searching for a truth that doesn't exist
believe in your love first
17 years, i persist
the truth was just inside
Track Name: The Choice Is Yours
the mistakes that make us who we are now
the deceptions that drag us down
life is hard
if you lower your fucking guard
never expect any rewards
but rather disregard
bow down to no one
run without fears in this fucking world
master of my fate i choose the path i take
there's no right door to open but right choices to make
i've never tried to be anyone, anyone but me
i'll try to reach my dreams and goals
with the rusty tools that life has given me
the choice is yours
this is my destiny and i got no lessons to give
life is too fuckin' short to do everything
neverending dreams of what i wanted to be
it comes from within
no matter if it's my heart, my mind or my deadly soul
most often under pressure i must keep control
so I don't make the wrong judgement
so I don't behave like an asshole
it comes from within
these are my choices and I will stand by them
these are my choices and I will live by them
the choice is yours
bent but not broken
these are my choices and I will stand by them
life is what you make it
Track Name: We Don't Speak The Same Language
you and your dirty mouth
you'd better go back to where you came from
i was chilling in my couch with my bottle of rum
having a good laugh watching your stupid television
you appeared and ruined my life
and i guess you're satisfied?
you and me, we don't speak the same language
of this world, we don't have the same vision
you and me, we don't see the same images
your reality is just a piece of shit
you're the product of this world, shaped in sin
you're the product of this world raised in the mass mentality
i can feel that you don't know what i mean
you're the product of this world educated not to think
too many words in your mouth to fill the emptiness
too many complaints about a life that doesn't even exist
emptiness you've created, loneliness you're living
keep your problems to yourself
I ain't listening no more
no more, i got mine and you got yours
we live in the same world
but not describing it with the same words
where ignorance is bliss and heads are facing downwards
you believe in everything you are told
your eyes are rotten by the fakes
you like to be treated like a slave
we are not speaking - THE SAME LANGUAGE
we're not sharing the same dreams
age of ignorance that leaves me sick and tired
stop staring at the world and stare at the mirror
drowned in your illusions and living behind your utopia
the reality of this world is killed by the media
divine comedy hell on earth that leads my life
never too much anger, just enough to remain dignified
my initiatory trip through the vestibule of the cowards
Track Name: DIE
you brainless motherfucker, freedom destroyer
son of bitch who hides behind a pig figure
satisfy your coward's instinct, you motherfuckin' hater
you're a useless loser on a useless mission
corrupted to abuse power
taking advantage of your position
and using fear as a way of pressure
you think you're always right
make the situation much harder
you inspire contempt all of your attempts
to maintain law and order make me more arrogant
towards your own justice when you beat up innocents
a cop remains a dirty cop, you're fuckin' ignorant
you think you're above the masses, sworn in by politicians
you earn the respect that goes along with all your blind actions
humiliation, intimidation or even persecution
oppressive attitude and that smirk on your face
i can't take that anymore you're a fuckin' disgrace
Track Name: Doom And Gloom
woke up to another day of life but the world outside makes me wish i didn't
same shit different day, looking through the window makes me wonder where we're going
woke up to another day of life but the voices inside are telling me it's not worth it
where is the good...where is the bad...where is my place in the tangle of life
life is a booby trap waiting for you to get triggered
we think we are free but only death will deliver us
from this slave world we've been forced to enter
where the only thing we're allowed to do is to suffer
the sun never really shines
doom and gloom state of mind
bad mood in my pocket and sadness in my heart
drowned in my nightmares i face the invasion of ignorance
no more evolution, i've lost faith and illusions
i curse the one that i have to consider my fellow man
i feel contempt for that aseptic human (race)
there’s nothing new under my grey clouds
still the same tune, still the same boredom
roaming alone in my ocean of black thoughts
i now got to protect myself against the dumb world's onslaught
OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH the sun never really shines
OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH doom and gloom state of mind
i don't know how to behave to fit this masquerade
i don’t know what to believe when all the promises are fake
living them days, chazing them dreams
be delighted with nothing and worry about everything
where is the good...where is the bad...where is my place in the tangle of life
Track Name: Life Is Goog But Hell Is Coming
style rien a foutre marqué au fer impossible de nous faire taire
avec art et manière, je te présente l'équipe qui gère
la vie est belle mais bienvenue en enfer
envers et contre tout mais jamais contre un dernier verre
OUFTAIII, OUFTAIII tous sous la meme banniere
source de mauvaises manières, on vit des trucs qui nous rendent fier
mais d'une mentalité exemPlaire
LG HC le majeur toujours bien en l'air
pas pour la pose ni pour la frime
conçu pour durer ce sentiment qui nous anime
négativité constructive
une grosse pêche dans les gencives
arme de destruction massive
on te prend par surprise
en mode ecrasage de cafards
en mode casse-couilleS, en mode super connard
une fois qu'il est trop tard touS les soiffards se retrouvent au bar
la crème de la crème, chez nous c'est tout un art
basically we dont give a fuck how the world is turning
because we know there will be no happy ending
living day by day is not a solution but the best way
to broach the problems when you know that in the end
we are all misled, the future is all grey
still the same old song because nothing has changed
trying...to get rid of...all of life's pressure
dealing with the displeasure of existence
in a world led...by infamy
we've already...lost our sanity
for us by us mentality
forever high-fidelity
4 letters that mean the fucking world to me
all in the combination i spell LGHC
Loyalty, Gloomy, above all humility
C is for cliquey, could also be complicity
together, stronger, like one big family
Liège state of mind, one love for our city
we keep on moving PROUD AND STEADY
for us this is forever
keepers of the underground
busy keeping that shit real all around
we don't take shit from no one
reason why we're all in this
because this world'S left us so pissed off
confronting reality we move forward fists clenched
we are what we are and we will never change
this is our state of mind
something you will never understand
Track Name: Temperature Is Rising
we are all part of and trapped in this comedy called
human society - temperature is rising
sytem is collapsing - tension is growing
but nowadays there's nothing really surprising
the anger, the hate, the failure to understand
the situation is degenerating (getting worse/worsening)
stuck in the middle of those street confrontations
the new daily routine of our civilisation
ready to go, ready to end this shit
still standing up after i got hit and hit
you can't hold down, what's destinated to rise
you may look like a winner, but you ain't win this fight
for too long i've played your games and stuff
now answering to your calls and those times get rough
you may sit high but those flames burn higher
temperature is rising cause i set you on fire
you looked for trouble but you don't know what you've launched
look at your world and now we're gonna burn it down
you are losing control and you still wonder why
you sow what you reap you can't build a world on lies
thumbs down for all the decisions that have been taken
we turned our back, you can no longer forsake us
to believe again and again
we already have enough with all our dreams that have been broken
i've been looking into the eyes of this world
and what i've seen is fake words and cowards
nothing has changed, problems remain, pressure never ends
fuck that motherf***ing world FUCK!!!!!!
i've been looking into the eyes of those cowards
and what i've seen has been fake words and answers
nothing will change, problems again
i'll keep fighting with this world
for my daughter, my integrity and my honour
Track Name: Rainy Days
negative outlook
never-ending fight
struggling with illusions
that plagued MY FUCKING MIND
i've coped with deceptions
that keep me so blind
the wounds of a living
aftermaths of my hatred flowing
into my veins
this is what i am
this is what i've become
everyday the same shit
that always comes around
bad mood in my pocket
bad news on the pavement
submerged by emotions
embraced by my pain
i'm walking aimlessly without a single plan
made me what I’ve become
after the flood everything remains the same
rainy dayz made me what I’ve...
become to fight my fears
become to fight myself
looking at the grey skies
to find my inner self
dream of vengeance
and suffer in silence
one more lie makes no difference
day after day after day
i'm still waiting for the rain
that‘s gonna wash the streets
clean my mistakes and cheats
but after the flood
what's gonna be left for me?
i'm fucking dead inside
all that’s left is my fuckin pride
it's just one more day
to spend with my hatred
bad mood in my pocket
no solutions, keeps me upset
can’t come across that line
my life is behind