For Us By Us


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out on SOF records


released March 1, 2012



all rights reserved


SURGE OF FURY Liege, Belgium

est. since 1997 LGHC TOX CITY HARDCORE

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Track Name: LGHC - For Us By Us
when i look back, it was
a wise decision to never listen to your opinion
i never had wish to give you satisfaction
because your pathetic existence has strenghtened my conviction
i've got a good reason to keep on going in the same direction
always stay true to oursleves
always been our state of mind
don't give a fuck about your repsect or trends
we just don't need you and your f*** friends
too real to get fake where respect is everything
no matter where you're from to us you're just nothing
it seems this is the best thing that we can do
you hate me and i hate you
you never understood me
i never recognised you
LGHC - too real to get fake
FOR US BY US - and nobody else
you run your mouth but you got nothing to say
our faith will never fade away
we never let anyone steal what we've build
all that we have, what we love and we'll fight for it
all born to lose but we can live with that
lose to win who can stop us now
for us by us mind your business
for us by us this time will be ruthless
no disguise what you see is what you get
tox city hardcore in full effect
don't need your respect
a la pression x2
et nous c'est comme ca qu'on l'aime quand ca sort des bas fonds
te demande pas si on t'aime avec ton pur style de bouffon
ma cité au gout amer te fera pousser les bouttons
LGHC gangrene jusque la putrefaction
vivre que pour les fins de semaine et se les enfiler par dizaines
parce que se gratter les couilles, ben ça aussi c'est notre domaine
le coeur rempli de haine face aux diffamations
et la fierté comme oxygène pour te dire de faire attention
no matter what you say
we will always be there
our faith will never fade away
Track Name: No Doubt
life is nothing but a shifty bitch
dropped alone with my new f*** fears
a sick breeze that i swallow everyday
it's nothing more than this cold harsh reality
because i thought
because i thought i was in control
now i'm staring down the wall
because it's stuck in my head
and it's ready to explode
i'm losing it
i'm losing my mind
this is death that knocking and knocking
you're shit out of luck
you realise you held this number all your life
you lock the door but next step is your body dead on the floor
there's no escape anymore
false hope this is what's life gave me best
i can feel the rope that everyday tightens around my neck
i'm not giving in but living this reality check
nigtmares and doubts are now my nights and my days
i can only find my peace deep inside of me
don't need your help i must go alone
through a path of sorrow X2
i walk
no doubt how all this will end
hope death is not grave
too many things to tell the ones i love
dreaming is not possible anymore
my life, my burden some more bleeding emotions
and too many questions
i'm soaked in torment
life is pain
LIFE IS NOTHING ELSE but a shifty bitch
LIFE IS NOTHING ELSE but a filthy bitch this...will end
i feel like i'm already deadx3
fucking drop dead!!!
Track Name: High Fidelity
after all these years
my faith is still intact
spitting my rage
awaiting the payback
can't count all the friends that i've met
all the memories that i have
this is my hardcore pride
this shit lives in me
living the way i choose
as it should always be
this is my hardcore style
high fidelity
if only the true remains
that's why i'm here, steady
just for myself and nobody else
i know my true colour
i make it a point of honour
stick to my values
this is my f*** anchor
in this world of failure
no hope no future
i stand tall, casual
and i care for my brothers
my brothers my sisters
friends family forever
if life gave me shit
this gave me my best friends ever
been through too many things
and when i think about that
what makes my hands shake
f*** nostalgia
these memories i cary in my heart
living the way i choose to
as it should always be
this is my hardcore pride
all of a sudden
a surge of fury
forever high fidelity
my hardcore life
how i raised a family
forever high fidelity